Our team strives to ensure that technology is working for nonprofits, not against them.



Our team is honest and transparent with our capabilities, compensation, and keeping you informed throughout our partnership.


We always remain curious, open to ideas, feedback, and solutions from our clients and partners. We do our best to avoid making assumptions


Above all else, we are here to serve. We prioritize service to our clients, partners, and the nonprofit community above all else in our organization.

Ascend NPO was founded in 2020.

Matt found his love of CRMs, databases, and technology while working for a Fortune 500 company. He discovered his love and passion for the nonprofit world after volunteering for a few different organizations, managing their Salesforce instances. Thus, Ascend NPO was born.

Ascend has spent the past few years finding ways to make technology work for nonprofits, not against them. This involves a deep understanding of how nonprofit organizations operate, and finding technology solutions that improve their efficiency on a budget.

Matt Souza


As a 3X certified Salesforce Professional, Matt possesses in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and a specialization in nonprofit consulting and sales operations. His proficiency in leveraging Salesforce technology to streamline operations and drive impact has empowered numerous nonprofits to achieve their goals.

Cory Lane

Salesforce Consultant

Cory Lane, a Salesforce Consultant, brings 17 years of experience of leveraging technology for non-profit organizations. With a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Cory specializes in utilizing Salesforce to improve non-profits. His passion lies in optimizing processes and driving impactful solutions for nonprofits.


Office Dog

Ascend NPO is also partnered with Nonprofit Accelerator, who boasts over a century of combined experience working with nonprofits in the areas of board governance, human resources, marketing, philanthropy impact, and volunteer development.

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